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The Jabberwocks

The Jabberwocks, formed in 1949, is Brown University's oldest a cappella group, named after the classic Lewis Carroll poem, "Jabberwocky". In the fall of 2019, they made the official transition from an all-male to an all-gender, all-voices group. The Jabberwocks record and release an album every three years (available on all major streaming platforms), tour the New England area every winter, and tour internationally every other summer. They remain dedicated to a long-standing tradition of creating excellent music.

The Jabberwocks: Event

I could tell there was something different about the wocks from the beginning. They had so much fun on stage, and they were the exact group of people that I wanted to start my journey at Brown with. The Jabberwocks’ arrangements and soloists were unparalleled.

The Jabberwocks take pride in excelling musically as well as having a good time. There is never a dull moment in this group, and any space with us is the potential birthplace of a beautiful friendship.

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