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The Brown'sTones

The Brown'sTones are Brown's freshest, flyyy-est, and fiercest a cappella group. The group was founded in 1992 by several women who wanted to create an a cappella group that wasn't just musically capable, but also friendly and a lot of fun! Now, The Brown'sTones are a group that's open to all historically marginalized gender identities that have a passion for music and our close-knit family. The repertoire includes a great amount of pop, R&B, and folk hits and we arrange ALL our own music. The group constantly experiments with new genres, sounds, and arranging techniques and encourages learning and trying out new things.
During the year, the Brown'sTones performs for a wide variety of occasions, including fundraisers, local events in the Providence area, and with many other student groups on campus!

The Brown'sTones: Event

"Since we all come from different kinds of musical backgrounds, we approach arranging, learning, and rehearsing in a collaborative and fun way. And everyone in the group becomes close friends with each other."

on the culture of the Brown'sTones

"I remember at callbacks that the members at the time made me feel so comfortable. We joked around, had fun conversation, and made me feel like I belonged even before I joined the group."

Simity, on why she chose the Brown'sTones

 "A new tradition that we started comes from the fact that the Pixar film Ratatouille is near and dear to our hearts. So we have a "ratatouille movie night" every semester where we make ratatouille and enjoy that with some cheese and crackers while watching the movie!"

"We put a snippet of our arrangement of Holy by Jamila Woods on Twitter and she retweeted it!"

Brown'sTones Tradition

Fun fact about the Brown'sTones

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