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The Madrigal Singers

The Brown University Madrigal Singers (also known as "The Mads") are a student-run choral collective dedicated to performing early, classical, and folk music. We delight in an eclectic variety of styles, diving head-first into Mass settings by Palestrina, madrigals by Monteverdi, chansons by Debussy, arrangements by Ralph Vaughan Williams, sound poems by Whitacre, and selections from a 1930s gospel songbook rescued from a curbside trash can. And that's only the beginning.

Usually consisting of twelve-to-sixteen male and female singers, we operate democratically, even anarchically. We select pieces and design programs collectively, and communally hone and refine our interpretations during rehearsals. After all, choral music is an enterprise (one of the few left in this world) that is deeply rooted in mutuality and integration. We hope that our enthusiasm for our pieces shines through in our performances.

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