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Harmonic Motion

Harmonic Motion is Brown and RISD's hottest co-ed a cappella group, singing pop music spanning the past four decades. As a great group of friends who hang out and sing, we are known for our high energy performances and complex arrangements. Harmonic Motion performs both on campus and off--at arch sings, concerts, campus events, other colleges and high schools.

Harmonic Motion: Event

"I’ve seen Harmo change over the years since I’ve been here. Even me, who has been on leave, has never felt excluded. Family, open accepting of circumstance. Loving you how you are."

Mia A., on the culture of Harmo

"The bunny! This dirty plastic 'creature' with a bandana. We hug it every time we perform anywhere"

a Harmo tradition

"Thanksgiving, we did it together at somebody’s house. Family sit-down, cozy meal."

Andrea, on a favorite Harmo memory

"We wear a lot of denim. Denim on denim."

a fun fact others may not know about Harmo

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